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Creative breathing spaces in lovely little places for creative exploration,  soulful restoration,

expressive meaning making & gentle healing's your creative me time.

A place to renew your spirit & restore your heart mind and soul.  

About Detta

When Detta was about 16 or 17,  she read a book call Self Talk by Shad Helmstetter.  It started her on a life long journey for                          

self-  knowledge & keeps her passionate, curious  and supportive of other peoples life  healing journeys.  She is also enchanted with paint, colour, wild writing and aftful ways in which to live a live of little adventures and authentic meaning.  


A soulful entrepreneur she opened her first restaurant , which was very adventurous for the area , she was aged 24.  She and her husband of over 30 years, went on to open several very successful businesses (and a few duds!)  Despite opening lots of diverse ventures, she found herself returning time and time again to her true passion - helping herself and others to look deeper at what they used to dream of, what they would love to do and eventually she sold up and closed up her remaining businesses and became a soulful creative arts life coach, a splendidly imperfect painter and a mistress of wild and deep writing with a few hundred poems thrown in for good measure!  She began teaching small groups of wild hearted women and hosting retreats on the magical Greek island of Kefalonia.


She loves to tell the story of how she got into Wild Heart Art in her forties when a dear and very talented artist friend helped her to find the courage to begin painting .  Detta had always believed in order to be an artistic you had to be very 'good' at art.  She shyed away from painting, feeling too much of a fraud.  Voicing this to her artist friend she became delighted and addicted to making art after her friend encouraged her to get messy, make bad art, get your hands into the paint...and play.  Detta never looked back.  She loves making artful treasures never worries much about how it is going to turn out.


She still has the odd wobbly moment but fundamentally is so immersed in the creative process that she never gives any thought to the end resul.  'Time just disappears for me' says Detta when she is working on a project or teaching artful ways to self love, self care and rediscovering deep dreams and heart felt hopes.  She calls this listening to your 'Soul Whispers'.


She is a bit unusual having had two feet in both camps - starting up successful businesses versus art,

healing, counselling, coaching and the divine.  It works well for her.  Being able to draw from both left and right brain

skills she can be an empathetic listener and a creative ideas person without changing too many hats.  


She has studied with and under Jill Badonsky Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach & Author, Dr. Robert D. Maurer

Clinical Psychologist & Director of Behavioural Sciences, Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Centre, Bruce Elkin Canadian Life Design Coach, Barbara Sher Success Team Leader, Julia Cameron The Artists Way, Jim Rohn Business Coaching, Business Development Days more recently has successfully completed a Dr Eric Maisel Life Purpose Coach training.  She is passionate about expressive art and all the wonderful ways this modality can help people to heal, restore, reinvente themselves.  She is honoured to be a witness to growing confidence, self esteem and a deeper sense of self when her students fall in love with the creative process.  Sh has attended numerous short courses, healing trainings, soul card reader training and practices as much as a wobbly warrior can practice the continuous development and enquiry of self and wild heart living.


Most importantly she continues to use her own rich deep and wide life experiences to draw from, having had to overcome many adversities and is a compassionate kind woman who is able to see clearly and quickly the heart of the problem or challenge.


She is able to quickly work out a plan of creative action with you and has a very deep box of creative tools to help you to create a life you love and make whatever changes you are looking to make.  She offers love, hope, support, help, healing and creative juice to help you on your journey.



There are several ways in which you can contact her:



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Detta slook forward to hearing from or seeing you in one of her workshops, playdays, groups, retreats or creative soul coaching sessions.  She is always happy to have an informal natter before you make any decisions.


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